An inspection of two worlds in flux

31 December
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Here's the current truth:

Mike G Burton (mgb) is an acting student at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Newfoundland. He's a semi-retired computer programmer, an aspiring breakdancer, and a struggling playwright. He's also single, for all the ladies out there :p

Here's what used to be true:

Mike G Burton is a software developer with experience devleoping enterprise applications, enterprise application integrations, and video games. He is in the process of refocusing to pursue professional performance financed by contract work in the aforementioned fields, rather than the more typical table-waiting gig. Like most professional geeks, Mike has been developing software since his age was still a single digit number (in base 10, at least). His portfolio in performance includes a long list of community credits on stage and a short list of professional credits for writing, stage performance, and film. Currently, he is learning to breakdance and write message-based integrations.
acting, biztalk, games, liquid & breakdance, programming, singing